Winter Solstice & the Dark Days of Winter

With the shortest day of the year now behind us, we’ve gotten a taste of what winter darkness means here in Homer.  Hailing from Minnesota, dark, cold winters are nothing new to us, but it’s been interesting to experience it firsthand.

Here’s a snapshot of the sunrise and sunset times on the winter solstice for comparison:

2015-12-25_2209 2015-12-25_2211

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Alaska’s Other Black Gold

When talking of black gold and Alaska, one can reasonably assume the discussion’s about crude oil flowing out of the North Slope and down the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. There’s another black liquid, far less sticky and equally coveted by many Alaskans: coffee.

Alaskans sure love their coffee. We had no idea prior to moving here that Alaskan’s love of (as Mama B calls it) the nectar of the gods rivals Seattle. Enclosed trailers turned drive-thru coffee shops dot parking lots along major roads all over the state. And no Alaskan town would be complete without equal representation of churches, bars, and coffee shops. In addition to the nearly every food establishment that also offers some form of coffee, there are no less than 11 coffee shops in Homer (the criteria for being included here is a full-service coffee shop – espresso, to lattes, to drip.) These are the ones we are aware of; there could be even more:

All Hopped Up Espresso (closest to our house, very affordable)

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The Life & Travels of an Alaska-Bound Parcel

For all those parcels out there experiencing wanderlust, a destination address in Alaska will be a dream come true.

We knew that moving to Alaska would translate to more costly shipping, and it would take a bit longer for things to reach us. We also knew that some companies flat out won’t ship to us up here. But experiencing it first hand has been unexpectedly fascinating.

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Throwback Thursday: Silver and Halibut Fishing

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Thursday and you know what that means. It’s time for another blast from the past. And this week, I bring you more fishing.

We arrived in Alaska right in the middle of peak fishing season. With an toddler in tow, a house full of boxes to unpack, and a new town to get to know, getting out on the water simply wasn’t in the cards. A few weeks later, we struck the Sun Country Wing It jackpot and Mama B’s mother came up to visit on a sub-$300 round trip fare. Nonstop to boot! With a babysitter in the house for a week, surely we’d be able to find a chance to get some fish in the freezer.

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