Hello, World!

Hey y’all! We’re finally making this blog thing happen.  And it’s only taken us three months to get it going, so I’m chalking this up as a win. Now as far as regular posting….I make no promises!

Why Bones Bits & Buns?

Back in Minnesota, we used to host “family dinner” with friends on Sunday evenings at our home. The group varied from week to week depending on schedules, but it was always a fun way to wrap up the weekend.  I (Mama B) also loved the opportunity to test out new recipes on a willing crowd.  One week, it was brought up that I collected turkey & chicken carcasses from our holiday dinners and brought them home to make stock. Apparently, this is not normal behavior…ha! As Papa B & I are avid DIY’ers in many areas in our life, someone suggested we start a blog to record these {sometimes quirky} happenings.  Blog name brainstorming ensued, and Bones Bits & Buns came out the winner that night.  Several years later, many of us have relocated to various places around the country, but Bones Bits & Buns still fits to a T. We still love to DIY, I still love to cook from scratch, and yes, I still have a bag of “bones & bits” in my freezer for the next batch of stock.

Why We Blog

Let’s get one thing straight – it’s not because we think we have special insight to share with the world, or that our ideas are somehow unique. They’re not. We’re not. We’re just a couple of people who want a means to share our experiences with friends/family. Part of our journey included moving away from everyone we know and love.

We also want to pay it forward to everyone else out there who has taken time out of his/her day to share with the world. We’ve learned so much from others’ product reviews, instructional videos, recipes, forum post responses, and musings about life from someone else’s shoes. Hopefully someone else can learn from our occasional successes, and our sure-to-be-numerous failures.

And who knows, maybe at the end of this we’ll have a great digital journal to share with Little B.

Papa B at the Park

2 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. Thanks for keeping me in your loop. I enjoyed the posts and the photos are gorgeous.

    We miss having you in MN but I am pleased that you are enjoying Alaska.

    Stay well and stay warm.

    Grace and Rick


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