Sunday Funday, Family Style

Between all the rain and a wicked stomach bug, we spent way too much time cooped up in the house this past week. With a break in the rain today, we were itching to get outside. After a late breakfast at the Duncan House Diner, we headed to Bishop’s Beach. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. It was 50 degrees, the sun peeked through the clouds, and the bay was calm.


We arrived about 90 minutes before high tide, and Little B wanted to head straight to the water.  We were happy to oblige.

She absolutely loves watching the waves come in, and could spend all day watching the foamy water wash in over her boots.

We weren’t the only ones eager to be out and about; it turned out to be a great day for spotting wildlife.  This was the first time we’ve seen harbor seals from the beach.  This picture is terrible, but all we had along were our phones and these buggers were quick to dive under the water.  The dark blob in the water up and leftward from Little B’s head (the one she’s most definitely not looking at :-D) is the seal’s head.  It was also much closer in person than it appears in the photo.  There were also a ton of gulls and other seabirds out on the water today.  (My bird identification skills are even worse than my photography skills, people, sorry!)  We even saw what I assume was a salmon jumping out of the water.

Harbor seal in KBay

Meanwhile, Papa B camped out with the binoculars, scanning the bay.  At one point, he thought he spotted a whale across the bay, so Little B and I decided to head up and join him.



Between the rocks, sand, and kelp, Little B entertained herself for a good 45 minutes while Papa B and I took turns checking out the pod of humpbacks with the binoculars.  While there’s still no comparison to seeing a whale close up from a boat, it was so fun to get a glimpse from shore. I’m thankful for a lazy Sunday where we had the time to explore things a little closer. There’s so much happening in this world around us, and its so easy to miss it as we rush through our to do lists from day to day.

She was not happy when the time came to head home, so after dinner we decided to head down and walk the path on the Spit.  Little B was all smiles as we loaded up the truck.

Although we brought the stroller along, she made it clear she wanted to walk…and walk she did! I am continually amazed at the distance this little girl can cover.  Not long into our walk, we spotted more wildlife. Hide yo kids, hide yo dogs- a bald eagle perched on the tsunami warning tower! (People occasionally get their small dogs/cats snatched by bald eagles around here, so while Little B is likely big enough, we keep her close by when there are eagles in the vicinity.) If you squint you might actually be able to spot it in the photo below. 😉 Papa B was resourceful and snapped a pic through the binoculars before it flew away.



The whale pod we were watching earlier that day was still hanging out in the same area of Kachemak Bay, so our budding marine biologist, Papa B, watched them while Little B and I walked a bit further down the path.



Here’s one last pic of the Kenai Mountains from our walk this evening.  This was taken around 7pm; it’s definitely getting darker earlier and earlier these days.







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  1. Love the video of Little B on the shore! And how she just stands there, so still and content as the water comes and goes. Looks wise beyond her years 🙂


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