Well, Hello Neighbors!

This afternoon as I was getting Little B ready for her nap, I happened to glance out the window and catch sight of a moose out of the corner of my eye.  I immediately squealed, “Moose!” and ran for my phone to grab a picture. I tiptoed out on our front porch to capture the moment, and the cow moose (in front) looked up at me immediately as I peeked around the corner. It was a little too close for comfort, especially with her calf right behind her, so I snapped the pic and headed back inside.  (They were closer than they appear in this photo…about 60 feet away.) Her second calf came down the street to join them shortly thereafter.


They munched on plants in our ditch for a bit longer before the trio headed through our backyard. Little B and I ran down the hall and found a prime viewing spot in the bedroom window, where I grabbed this through-the-window shot of the three of them. The calves had no interest in sticking around, and soon took off through the neighbor’s yard.


Papa B had made his way outside with our camera at that point, and was able to capture some better photos. First, one of the calves:


Then several shots of Mama:





Little B couldn’t get enough, and excitedly repeated, “Moof! Moof! Moof!”

IMG_9271 IMG_9267

We’ve seen this family in our neighborhood occasionally over the past few months, but this is the closest we’ve been to them.   Having these giant creatures right outside our window in town is definitely a reminder that Alaska is a bit more wild than our city life in Minnesota.

On a related note, there’s also a large population of urban moose in Anchorage.  This video was captured up there in early October:

Only in Alaska. 🙂

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