I’m hoping to get back to this space to share an update from our Halloween weekend soon, but life is busy, busy, busy right now.  I did have to stop by quick to mention that we finally got an opportunity to see the aurora borealis last night!

It’s been something we’ve been eager to experience since we moved to Alaska. Shortly after our arrival, I found the University of Alaska Fairbanks Aurora Forecast page. While areas north of us like Fairbanks experience it regularly, it isn’t visible as regularly this far south. Add to the lower frequency the fact that skies must be clear, and that eliminates many evenings from the list as well. Last night, though, everything came together. We were able to see them, even at our place in town which has more light pollution from streetlights and homes than most of the surrounding area.

We didn’t even attempt to take any pictures. The camera settings needed to capture these well are very particular, and as I mentioned, we have a fair amount of artificial light in our neighborhood. A challenge for another time! But one of our local papers shared this short time lapse video:


It was really neat; we’re looking forward to many more “shows” during our time here in Alaska.

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