Parking Conundrum

This post is probably going to be about the least exciting post on our blog. (Way to sell it, I know.) But this is a bit of insight into my crazy mind, so I thought I’d share.

A few months ago on an otherwise uneventful trip to the library, I had my pick of parking spots in the lot. As I pulled in, I couldn’t help but realize the handicapped parking situation. First, here’s what we’re dealing with.


What on earth is happening in the stall next to my truck? Is that a handicapped parking stall? Or a general parking stall? Does anyone know?

On one hand:

  • There’s no blue painted wheelchair symbol on the ground.
  • The stall only has a blue line on one side, not two like the other stalls.
  • The arrow above the “$100 Fine” sign points just to the left.
  • There are three stalls with blue lines on both sides, and there are three signs.

On the other hand:

  • The “Reserved Parking” sign is directly in front of that stall.
  • The arrow on the “Reserved Parking” sign points both directions.
  • There is one blue painted line.

I still have no idea what the intent was, but I’d sure like to know. Given that the intersection closest to our rental home has road signs on two different corners yet misspells the cross street on one of them, I could see it going either way. All I do know is that I’m not taking the $100 gamble.

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