Thursday Morning Visitors

This morning, we had some visitors in our yard. I was walking down the hallway and glanced into Little B’s room to see a moose right outside her window munching on the shrubs. I grabbed Little B, and we watched the moose move around the house. First, outside her window, next outside our bedroom window. It was close enough in both spots that if we opened the window we could reach right out and pet it.

We then moved to the kitchen as it made its way around the house, finally catching up with its mama. The two of them munched away in our yard, as well as the neighboring yards. They stuck around for a good 20 minutes before meandering out of sight. Papa B caught a few photos.






We didn’t get a great angle in this pic, but it cracks me up to see these tall, lanky animals get down on their front knees to eat in lower areas. Not down on all four knees, just the front two. 🙂

Even though we see the moose semi-regularly these days (seems like we’ve seen them at least weekly over the past month or so), it hasn’t gotten old yet.

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