A Hat for Baby B

After the earthquake…back to regular life. 🙂

My sewing list was quite a bit shorter for baby #2. This time around, my must dos included a quilt, satin binded blankets, and a warm hat. With Little B, in addition to her quilt and blankets, I also made burp rags, a few Boppy covers, bibs, and cloth wipes (we cloth diaper). Since all of those items are still in great shape, I didn’t feel the need to make new ones. This little guy will have a few pink burp rags in the mix, but that’s just going to be life with a big sister.


First up, a warm winter hat. Although we haven’t been experiencing the deep chill the Midwest has been going through, it’s still winter here in Alaska. I used the same aviator hat pattern I used to make Little B a hat for her first winter. It’s a quick and easy project, and I had plenty of fabric on hand in my stash.


At first I was commenting to Papa B about how tiny and sweet it was…then I remembered just how Baby B will (hopefully) make his grand entrance into this world, and it didn’t seem quite so tiny any more. Ha! Little B thinks it’s the perfect hat for Puppy. She had it on him soon after I finished it. I may need to make one in her size so she and her little brother can match.


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