We’re Still Here


Fear not, a volcano didn’t erupt and cover us in lava or ash. An earthquake didn’t bring our house tumbling down (in fact, we didn’t even notice the recent 4.9 mag quake). A tsunami didn’t destroy our town. A massive winter storm didn’t bring down power and telecommunication lines. Nothing dramatic like that. We’ve just been in a sleep-deprived stupor and our stockpile (a generous description, I assure you) of pre-written posts was extinguished.

It’s been a busy and exhausting few weeks. I (Papa) went back to work a week after Baby B was born, and thankfully have employment with a very flexible schedule. Not having a rigid 9-5 in an office somewhere else really makes life a whole lot easier with a newborn. I can pause work for 30 minutes to help Mama with the baby, and tack that half hour on at night after Little B is nestled warmly in her bed. It’s been a huge help to both Mama and I.

We have lots to share, but only so much time to write it all down. In the past few weeks the moose have been on the loose in town. Winter gave us one last big blast, and spring has already sprung. We’re plugging away on our house plan with the goal of breaking ground this spring. We’re hoping start catching up on the blog a bit in the days and weeks to come, so stay tuned.


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