A Saturday Afternoon at Eveline


Last weekend, we had a nice, lazy little Saturday morning in the works. Baby B decided to let us sleep in a bit more than normal, and then Papa B made a pot of coffee while I nursed Baby B and Little B played contentedly. All the while, the bright morning sun lit up the house.  The plan was to make brunch, and then pack up the kiddos to meet a hiking friend and her daughter for an afternoon outside.

We ended up with a little more excitement  to our morning than we originally planned, though. As I poured the first few buckwheat pancakes on the griddle and prepped the scrambled eggs, I found myself stepping over Little  B’s stuffed animals and blanket that she had dropped on the kitchen floor. Little B loves to be in the kitchen with me, and I love that. But I don’t love tripping over her things. Our rental is small, and the kitchen and living room are one room, with a peninsula of cabinets dividing the space.  Hoping to avoid tripping on her stuff, I quickly grabbed her blanket and tossed it through the pass through onto the couch without much of a glance. I had no idea Papa B’s mostly full mug of coffee was sitting, hidden from view, on the ledge. Her blanket caught the mug on its way through, toppling it and sending coffee all over the couch. Nooooo! I could have cried. This was the last thing I wanted to deal with, as getting a warm breakfast on the table is a feat in and of itself with an infant in the house. Papa B, who was holding Baby B, quickly ended his phone call while I put on the Moby Wrap so I could take Baby B and continue cooking breakfast. Thankfully, we own an Ikea couch with a washable cover, so while this was majorly inconvenient, it could have been much worse.  Papa B, with the help of Little B, graciously disassembled the couch and got the stained covers in the wash. After the load was going in the washing machine, Little B came into the kitchen and told me, “I think we need more coffee.” Oh, my sweet child, you have no idea!


Despite all the commotion, we managed to have a nice breakfast and get everyone packed up and out the door in time. The unplanned load of laundry and living room clean up added some stress to our day, though. Thankfully, it was all soon forgotten.  The views on the drive out East End Road, although always amazing, had an extra bit of sparkle in them under the bright spring sunshine. We arrived at Eveline State Recreation Area and got the kiddos ready to go. This was our first time at Eveline, a popular snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snow machining, & mushing destination in the winter. The area still had about two feet of snow on the ground. Our snow has been gone in town for a few weeks already; it’s amazing what a little difference in elevation does around these parts.  Our friend had brought extra snowshoes along for Papa B & I to use, but we decided we didn’t need them if we stuck to the snow-packed trail.  Off we went, heading out on the trail toward McNeil Canyon Elementary School. We immediately wished we would have brought Little B’s sled along. We haven’t had many opportunities to use it this winter since our snow has melted quickly in town.


I’m not sure how far we actually walked, but over the course of two hours, we made it a good way toward the school and back, which is at Mile 12 East End Road vs Eveline at Mile 14. Little B walked for the first 30 minutes or so before begrudgingly getting in the carrier on Papa B’s back, and Baby B slept like a champ in the Moby Wrap the entire time.  Papa B was quick to point out that we were walking downhill with the wind at our backs on the way out, and our walk back up to the Eveline trailhead was a bit crispier for sure. All in all, it was a great day. It’s amazing what some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise can do to reset a day. It was a fun destination, and hopefully we can get back out there again with Little B’s sled before the snow is gone.

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