About Us

Who We Are

Little B heading down to Mama B

We’re the Four B’s: Mama B, Papa B, Little B, and Baby B. We’re a young family living the life we want to live, filled with the joys and struggles that come with living at the end of the road. Mama and I were long time residents of the Midwest (Minnesota, to be precise) looking for something different. We were tired of living in a major metropolitan area and eager to embark on a new adventure. After years of weighing options of where to go, we finally decided the next phase of our lives was going to be somewhere in Alaska. In the summer of 2015 we began our pilgrimage north and currently find ourselves in the city of Homer, AK about 200 miles (by car) south of Anchorage. We have two small children and more interests/hobbies than we can possibly enjoy in one lifetime. This is our story.

Mean Eugene

20150721_191004What, no B? Mean Eugene’s not one of us. At least not by blood. We adopted our 32,800 pound former coach bus in the early part of 2015. Old Eug is a 1994 Setra S215 motor coach with a lot of personality and plenty of miles under his belt (just over 730k when we became the proud new owners). We commissioned Eug’s assistance in our move, and our long term plan is to completely convert him into a fully featured motor home that we can use to travel the state, and beyond. From time to time, Eugene will make appearances here too, both in the shop and on the road.