Picking Raspberries at Seaside Farm

Arguably, two of the most quintessential summer foods in Alaska are salmon and berries. So what does an Alaskan do when you haven’t been here long enough to know where the good wild patches are located? (Good luck getting any of your neighbors to spill the beans on that topic!) You go pick your own raspberries at Seaside Farm, that’s what.

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Where Does All the Time Go?

Lupine lining the Spit in June
Lupine lining the Spit in June

Hello there….anyone still here? (Hi, Mom!) It’s been radio silence in this space for a while because we’ve been busy, busy, busy! We have so much to get caught up on here, but it’s summer in Alaska. And what a gorgeous summer it has been! We’re trying to squeeze everything in, and the season still feels like it’s slipping through our fingers. Our television sits forgotten in the corner collecting dust, and we’ve been out adventuring with visitors, trying to learn how to fish, working on our new home, and soaking up as much vitamin D as we can. I’m really hoping to start chipping away at the long list of posts we’d like to share, though, in the days to come.

Dockside Fun

On Friday evening, we decided to head down to the Spit for a family walk. As we walked on the path above the harbor, I spotted an otter floating around munching on its dinner amongst the boats. We headed down to the docks to get a closer look. While we’ve seen otters from the beach before, it was a fun treat to get a closer perspective. Papa B noticed right away that when the otter would dive down to hunt for the next morsel of food, little bubbles would rise to the surface of the water. Little B, Papa & I enjoyed tracking the bubble trail in an effort to guess where our little friend would pop up next. After one particularly successful dive, he emerged with several small crabs. We were even close enough to watch him flinch after he got pinched by his dinner, and hear the crunch as he munched through the shells. Of course, we didn’t bring along our camera (that guarantees a cool wildlife sighting, doesn’t it? Ha!), so our phones had to suffice.  Spontaneous little adventures like this are one of the many reasons we love Alaska.

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A Saturday Afternoon at Eveline


Last weekend, we had a nice, lazy little Saturday morning in the works. Baby B decided to let us sleep in a bit more than normal, and then Papa B made a pot of coffee while I nursed Baby B and Little B played contentedly. All the while, the bright morning sun lit up the house.  The plan was to make brunch, and then pack up the kiddos to meet a hiking friend and her daughter for an afternoon outside.

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