A Bed for Little B

Since our move to Alaska, Little B had been sleeping in a travel bed. By the time she was 20 months old, though, we knew it was time for an upgrade. It was January, and her room got chilly at night since our only heat source in our rental home is an oil heater in the living room. With her door closed at night, the heat couldn’t circulate and by morning, the room was downright chilly.  Despite her wool sleep sack and cozy jammies, she was starting to wake up regularly around 2am, at which point she’d join Papa B and I in our warm bed. Although at nine months pregnant my sleep quality was already pretty mediocre, her new early morning routine meant none of us were getting a good night’s sleep.

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Collaborative Quilt Project

My incredibly talented and creative girlfriend in Seattle asked me several months ago if I would be interested in participating in a collaborative quilt she was planning. She was putting together a collection of fabrics, and wanted her friends & family who sew to each make a couple of blocks of their choice from those fabrics (or others from their stash that coordinated). She would then assemble them together into a finished quilt. I obviously said, “Heck yes!”


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A Kaleidoscope Quilt for Baby B


I had the hardest time deciding on a design for our little guy’s quilt. You would think this was some sort of important life decision or something. Ha! Should I go with a new design I had never tackled, or should a do another triangle quilt like I did for Little B but in a different color scheme? Part of my indecision stemmed from the fact that I was under a bit of a time crunch. As I mentioned in a prior post, I had ordered some fabric from Joann.com over Thanksgiving, including the minky I planned to use for the backing, and I hadn’t expected the delivery to take as long as it did. It finally arrived shortly after Christmas, and I was looking at a timeline of about six weeks to make the quilt, start to finish, along with a few other projects I had planned, plus freezer meals and other general pre-baby prep.

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A Hat for Baby B

After the earthquake…back to regular life. 🙂

My sewing list was quite a bit shorter for baby #2. This time around, my must dos included a quilt, satin binded blankets, and a warm hat. With Little B, in addition to her quilt and blankets, I also made burp rags, a few Boppy covers, bibs, and cloth wipes (we cloth diaper). Since all of those items are still in great shape, I didn’t feel the need to make new ones. This little guy will have a few pink burp rags in the mix, but that’s just going to be life with a big sister.


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