A Quick Christmas Project

A Christmas post in January….oops. Better late than never, right?

For Christmas this year, I went with a less-is-more décor style. We never really went all out decorating in the past, and I donated a lot of what décor we did have prior to our move. Somehow, a small pre-lit tabletop tree unintentionally survived the pre-move purge and made the journey up to Alaska, so Little B and I put that up on a side table in our living room. She not only loved having it plugged in every day, she also used the little candy cane ornaments as “treats” for her stuffed puppy. We also purchased some multi-colored LEDs to hang up around the living room. We chose LEDs since electricity costs are astronomical up here, but I sure did miss the ambiance of my regular incandescent white lights. With the multi-colored LEDs, our living room was lit up like a bar & grill. To add to the classiness, they were held up with blue painter’s tape. I had purchased a pack of 3M command light clips, but despite following the directions to a T (clean wall with rubbing alcohol, let sit X # of minutes, etc), they came off immediately. I’m guessing the combination of high gloss paint and textured walls were too much to overcome. I was frustrated at wasting the money on them, but thankfully painter’s tape accomplished the goal. Little B didn’t mind the lack of class one bit, though, and would bolt down the hallway in the mornings to request the lights be turned on. Ultimately, the décor is for her anyway. Read more A Quick Christmas Project

A Herringbone Baby Quilt

Between getting settled after our move and checking out our new home, I didn’t even get my sewing machine and supplies unpacked until the end of October. Some friends of ours in Minnesota welcomed a sweet little boy in mid-October, and it was the perfect motivation to finally get back to my machine. Since his gender was a surprise, I held off on starting anything until after he arrived, and I wanted to have it done before our trip over Thanksgiving. There’s nothing like a relatively short deadline to make things happen.

I didn’t have a design already planned, so I decided to make half square triangles (HST). HSTs are incredibly versatile blocks, and I figured it would be easier to decide once I could lay out the blocks in person.  Little B loved helping me pick out the fabrics (girl loves fabric, I wonder who she got that from? 😉 ), and had just as much fun helping me lay out the design. It’s so fun to watch her excitement as she explores new things. Of course, much of the progress happened while she napped or after she went to bed, but I love being able to include her in my hobbies and work more and more as she gets older.


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